Harmony’s Way Family Farm

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Nourishing Our Community One Family at a Time


Our mission Statement

(1) to create a farm that provides a "living wage" to the people stewarding it.

(2) provide our local communities the opportunity to source locally grown, nutrient-dense, clean food and.

(3) care for the needs of our animals in an ethical way.

We do all this on our family operate farm in the beautiful pristine Peace Region of Alberta. Not only are we sustained by our farm, but many families in Grande Prairie, AB and surrounding areas are as well.

What we Raise At Harmony’s Way Family Farm:

 • the best locally grown • all-natural • non-GMO • grass-fed beef • grass-fed lamb • grass-fed goat • pasture/forest raised pork • and farm fresh eggs


How We accomplish the Mission

We strive to accomplish all of these through the practice of an eclectic mix of Holistic Management, Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture Design.  These models help us to create a farm where all the animals and people living here will thrive.  The second part of our farm’s mission is to provide our local communities the opportunity to source locally grown, nutrient-dense, clean food. We understand that life is always crazy busy and that it can be difficult to access locally grown, clean, healthy protein products for your families. We try to make it easier for you to access our farm products by offering a CSA (community supported agriculture) model of purchasing along with drop locations in Grande Prairie, AB. You can simply go to our website www.harmonyswayfamilyfarm.com, click on the “Product Order Forms” page, fill out what you want to order and hit submit. We will then contact you to arrange payment and let you know when and where the drop location will be. We are currently taking orders for beef, lamb, goat, or pork that are offered in various size bundles. We allow you to choose the size that suits your family. Plus we don’t want to forget that farm fresh eggs are available year round. Last, but definitely not least is the care of the land and animals that we are responsible for. If you don’t take care of these you will have healthy food. We believe that as farmers it is our responsibility to mimic patterns found in nature. This can be as simple as providing our animals with the environment that allows them to express their own uniqueness inherent to each species all the way to the complex practice of keeping the soil healthy. If the stewards of the land are not deliberate about both soil health and animal health there is absolutely no chance of having healthy people.


How to Connect with Our Farm

We would like to invite you and your family to join our community of families who are working toward a healthier future. You can learn more about Harmony’s Way Family Farm and how we can partner with you to raise healthy families by visiting us at www.harmonyswayfamilyfarm.com. While visiting, you can sign up for our weekly farm update. You can also contact us through email at info@harmonyswayfamilyfarm.com. We are on Facebook and Instagram too.

Farming with passion for our community,

The King Family