agoudey Wildcrafting

Some years ago… getting on about fifty now, I had the good fortune to live on my uncle’s farm in the heart of rural Nova Scotia.

They were a family that struggled to survive, but always had lots of good food on the table.  They grew, hunted and fished for most everything they needed.  After lunch and after a morning working the two acres of gardens, we were rationed one stick of Juicy Fruit gum for desert.

Amoung the redolent spells of muggy summer days, me and my cousins would forage for possible edible plants to spice our afternoons.  Garden chives gone wild, the many wild strawberries and blueberries in fields, and choke cherries hanging low over the brooks were ripe for the picking.  Sour-soul (sorel) in the shade of grass, and the mysterious caraway bush that grew on the east side of the  one hundred and fifty year old farm house.   When the gum lost it flavor we would give it a boost with chives, sour-soul or feral caraway.  That was my start into wildcrafting.  I will have more stories in the future.  Do you have stories related to wildcrafting?  Submit an article.