Welcome to Peace Local Food

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This is the day I have been working towards for quite a while now.

This site has been established and configured to support the networking and promotion of people producing local food.  Along with area producers are those supporting and consuming local food, artisan crafts, art, music, gardening, wildcrafting, local history, and other categories that support a local food culture.

There has been a lot to learn setting up a website with so many categories.  It is designed to require the least amount of scrolling, and easy navigation of categories.  The search function is very good, almost to good.  Even if a submitted article has a passing reference, ‘my grandma use to feed chickens’, and you were searching for “chickens”… it will find this.  To find items, information or folks closer to home, the suggested search entries would be: location, interest  eg. dawson-creek, chickens.

This website is now like a tree waiting for the spring to arrive.  All trunk and branches with the leaves yet to appear.  There are a few early contributors (leaves), and hopefully it is a good spring and summer and the tree begins to leaf out and grow.  I am concerned that the food systems we rely upon may not supports us as conditions in the world change.  I believe it is important to grow and network our daily meals.

The facebook group that this effort has evolved from, Peace Area Food Security will remain connected to the site and will serve as the social forum for topics about food, food sovereignty and food security.  This website will focus on showcasing the work, products and services in the Peace River area, in both BC and Alberta, related to food and food culture, arts and crafts.
If things work out there will be a classifieds section so that items you want to sell or trade can be posted and remain until sold. Items or services for sale or trade would have to adhere to the categories the site supports.