Focus on Community Halls

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This post is proposed as an ongoing citizen sourced study of  community halls throughout the Peace River area, both British Columbia and Alberta.

I believe that community halls in the greater Peace region could be networked into community nodes with a focus on securing and sharing local food and culture.

With this post I have started the ball rolling.  After learning that there are numerous halls that may have to close down in the near future because of a lack of support, I felt there was an important and defining element of our neighborhoods that needed attention and contribution.

I encourage participation from all areas of the Peace in this study, to build on what I have started.  Important areas of concern are the health of each hall, and how all community halls can work together to support each other and build a stronger network.

I hope to have content featuring the Rolla, BC community hall in the near future.

There is a category on this site for Community Halls, and I hope that all the halls in the area will submit information towards an individual page for their own community hall.  This post itself will remain as a composite study of all the halls in the area.

Community halls are the heart of every village and town in the Peace River area.  The identity of a community is found in the events and functions inherent in a local hall.  Common ground for weddings, markets, fairs, gatherings, meetings and in may cases a repository of local history.  Community halls in the Peace region are struggling to keep up on maintenance, engagement, and even to keep their doors open.

If the effort of this website and the people supporting it, are successful, it is hoped that all community halls in the region will become more active and reclaim their purpose of supporting the spirit of people.  There is a category coming soon to this site called ‘Peace Chautauqua,’ and it is proposed that the meaning and history of Chautauqua will be introduced in the near future, and will have a focus on community halls.

For the time being I have posted some relevant material below from the Peace River Regional District.  Any comments and additions on any of this material are welcome.  Go to the Contact page.  *indicate message if you want your comment posted.

Image credit: Firkin (Librarian): Creative Commons

North    Peace    Sub-­‐Regional    –    Recreation
Facility    Inventory    and    Assessment

From the 2015, PRRD, North Peace Sub-­‐Regional– Recreation Facility Inventory and Assessment PDF

An assessment of their usability, state of repair and predicted longevity.


An assessment of utilization and the issue of any continued support or replacement.